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What is a Leader?

by Chloe Guss, Victoria, Australia

People have always told be that I'm "a good leader". From these accusations, it encouraged me to become more confident, take charge more often, and speak my opinion. All these qualities allow me to be the best possible version of myself I can be. I believe being a leader consists of being someone people feel comfortable about approaching, someone that can help you with anything, someone others look up too, a person that takes ownership in positions others wouldn't. I believe anyone can be a leader. It isn't a quality you are just born with such as blue eyes. It's a quality people have to want to have. A quality that is so easily achievable if you are willing to take that extra step forward and do and say the things others are to lazy, scared and unwilling too. Being a leader is an honour taking on more responsibilities, achieving more and receive more from the world. Being a leader has given me so many more opportunities in my life!


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