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Learning from Diversity

Nikita Pavlenco, Никита Павленко-Райхер, Moldova

My name is Nikita and I am from Moldova, a multinational country with tolerant people who value cultural, religious and ethnic diversity. This year, for the first time, I managed to visit one of the best places in Europe - Szarvas. I met a lot of different, but insanely interesting and wonderful people who were nice to chat with, laugh, share one room and, of course, have fun. I believe that it is because of the diversity that such stunning camps as Sarvas appear. We are different and this makes us stronger. Each of us has some kind of talent, unique ability or zest that sets us apart from other people and isn't that cool? So if you use your skills in practice with friends, it will be unforgettable and very useful. We must respect everyone, because the same Christian or Muslim or Jew is the same person as me, like all other people in general. And they, too, have the right to life and to their opinion, so start with yourself and just smile at a passing person and then people will reach out to you. That is why we must respect each other, do not care about stereotypes, do not believe them and just live in harmony, peace and friendship, something that we lack so much and that we strive so much for. Diversity + friends = LIFE. Think about it and maybe then the world will become a little kinder. Thank you!


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