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School Safety

Avery Stark, Parkland, FL

My name is Avery Stark and I am from Parkland, Florida. Over a year ago my life changed within a matter of minutes because of the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. This is my issue- school safety. School safety has been a major issue surrounding America for decades, however no one has been able to find a solution. Finding an exact solution to this problem is extremely difficult so the best thing to do is find a way to keep everyone safe in this unfortunate situation. This being said I decided I wanted to volunteer for the Make Our Schools Safe organization. Make Our Schools Safe was founded by Lori Alhadeff, mother of Alyssa who died in the shooting. MOSS is a national non-profit organization dedicated to protecting students and teachers at school. Their mission is to improve the safety of schools, research and test best practices, as well as implement those protocols by creating model schools, beginning in South Florida and spreading nationwide. I became president of the Boca Raton chapter and I spend most of my time working alongside Lori and other teens just like me. This organization means the world to me and I could not be prouder to work with such amazing people to make a major difference!


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