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How You Can Help the Ocean

Updated: Nov 22, 2018

by Gina Shapiro, Santa Barbara, CA

The ocean is vast - covering 70% of the earth, in fact. Countless problems relating to climate change, pollution, plastics, and a range of local causes pose threats to the environment and to marine life. Many of these issues prove difficult to tackle - and so many wonder, how can the actions of one simple person possibly make a difference?

It's actually not that hard. Here's 10 simple ways that you can make difference:

1. Cut down your plastic use - use reusable bags and bottles!

When turtles consume plastic, it become entangles in their intestines and often results in death.

2. Research the products you use - change brands if your products are harming coral reefs or marine life.

3. Pick up trash on the beach. If you want to take it up a notch, organize a beach cleanup in your community.

4. Treat the ocean like you'd treat a friend. Do not throw trash in it, and be mindful of sea life that your activities could interfere with.

5. Educate yourself about the ocean's problems, especially those that are local. Become aware of your surroundings and know how the ocean is being harmed.

Harbors are often polluted from unsustainable boat use. If you own a boat or mode of ocean transportation, be mindful of the environment around you.

6. Inform others about threats to the ocean. Once you've become educated, spread the word to everyone you know! Yell it on the streets. If everyone is aware of the ocean's problems, people will be more mindful on how their daily lifestyles may affect it, and may become more involved in trying to help.

Teach the next generation to open their eyes and minds to the severity of the problems that ocean environments face.

7. Join an environmental organization. Find out who's near you and help make a larger impact in your community.

8. Vote consciously - research the views and environmental policies of officers before casting your vote.

9. Donate to nonprofits working to clean the ocean or save marine life. Your donations will save lives.

10. Realize what you are eating and how this may affect the ocean - realize how the depletion of certain fish populations is affected the food web and environments.

Take a minute out of your day to think about how you can help. The ocean will thank you.

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