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Helping Our Sister City

Here in Santa Barbara, we are extraordinarily lucky to live in a beautiful place where most of us have direct access to all of our basic needs. Others are not so lucky. The small city of Mitzpe Ramon, in the Negev Desert of Southern Israel, is an isolated community of 5,000 on the edge of the Ramon Crater - and they are our Sister City.

The Santa Barbara Jewish Federation has supported Mitzpe Ramon through various projects. Last year the Women's Division raised $36,000 to purchase an extremely helpful Ambucycle to potentially save many lives. Additionally, the Desert 19 campaign raised $7000 for Mitzpe Ramon's employment community.

Helping Hands Designs is helping to fund-raise and promote awareness of the current project for Mitzpe Ramon - a defibrillator for their public pool. This potentially life-saving device is something Mitzpe Ramon cannot get on its own. I am very grateful to be helping our Sister City to receive the safety measures that we take for granted every day.

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