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Embracing Intersectionality

by Ariella Golden, Phoenix, Arizona

One big problem that exists in our society is our lack of acknowledgment toward intersectionality and how we each think toward solving our problems in just one way. By intersectionality, I mean how we interact with people like us and people who aren’t as similar to us. If we help each other to solve issues instead of break each other down, I think we would all be a bit better off. For example, if we all embrace the dimensionality of each person around us. Much like how I am Jewish AND passionate about the environment. If we use our different strengths in conjunction with each other we will become one bigger stronger community. Sometimes being an active leader means leading by example, so if we each take a step to use our unique and different perspective to better understand or solve an issue, I think we are on the right track!

Recently, I learned a lot about activism and how it’s not just cut and paste which was super interesting to me because I care so much about different issues but it’s hard to figure out which one I’m most passionate about. I learned a lot about how to advocate and care about issues that are important to me while also living my life and being surrounded by people who I care about and who care about me. It taught me a lot about the intersectionality of the Jewish faith, and how we can be Jewish and something else. For example, I was in the in environment activity. Through that I learned a lot about how we can save the environment through Jewish text.


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